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Our focus is on Film/Video/Animation Creation, Distribution, SUBSCRIPTION BOXES, Licensing.
Animation Including Puppet, Traditional & Tradigital. *Whiteboard (coming soon).

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Join our class on the Anime Production: Idea to Screen

Learn the full process; gain new knowledge beyond the animation stage.

Join our class on Animation Storyboarding

Learn Animation Storyboarding.
Class includes exclusive character from our studio so you can have characters to work with incase you need some, for free.

MoshBoxx Subscription Service

MoshBoxx is a subscription for people who like heavy rock can discover new artists, musicians, & bands.

Each month we deliver heavy rock music CDs, DVDs, and Merch to your doostep. We mix Metal, Punk, and Hardcore into every box each month,
exclusive MoshBoxx branded merchandise, art, and more.

Supplies are limited and the number of boxes available each month sometimes doesn't meet the demand. Sign-up today for this exclusive
subscription box for rare items, new and exciting music plus limited amazing one-offs.

Anime Related (Video Series)

Is a video series focusing on all Japanese sub-cultures. From Shinjuku street fashion to the neet Otaku.
The series looks at the influence of the Japanese sub-cultures on the American youth, media, and how the culture has been adapted and continues to grow, daily.

Available on (US) and other countries Amazon sites.
  1. Anime Related 1
  2. Anime Related 2; cosplay & Others (Director's Cut)
  3. Anime Related 3; lost in fansubs

Anime Related Series

Pride Over Pain Records
We represent Hardcore, Metal, Dubstep
Hip-Hop, and World music artists.
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Pride Over Pain Records

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